Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Well, the dust has settled and my class has settled into a wonderful bunch of readers practicing their reading skills on a daily basis. Currently, my first graders are doing three rounds of the Daily Five. We begin with four leveled groups either working on listening to reading, doing word work, writing, or meeting with me. For round two, we all buddy read. To wrap it all up and practice our strategies, we read to self for our third and final round. I don't know why I never thought to set up my reading time this way. I find it works so much better and the students are more focused when we buddy read before going to read to self. It seemed when we read to self first, the students just wanted to talk and share their books anyway. This just gets it out of the way!

Today I will do a focus on Word Work. For my word work right now, students have a selection of word work centers. Most of which revolve around our Fundations word program. A few of my favorites are the Boggle center. I'm sure you have seen this on Pintrest. Letters hang on the back of a door and the students make words.

I included a printout so that students can copy the letters. That way once I change the letters, students can still work on the old board if they want to. I will attach the Boggle recording sheet as a FREEBIE for my followers!

Another fun one is called Souper Speller. I found Campbell's soup containers which contain letter cards. Students manipulate the cards to make words and record them on the sheet.

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