Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anyone Else's Head Spinning?

Does anyone else feel like the beginning of the year is extra stressful? I mean, I know that September can be nuts, but it always seems that something "extra" comes up. Maybe I'm nuts, but it just seems that way. I apologize for not updating this site in a more timely manner, but life happens. At least, September has come to an end and October is upon us.

As far as workshop goes, we are still focusing on reading to self and reading to a buddy. I have also added listening to reading with the use of Tumblebooks (a computer book library) and the listening center. I have to tell you that I LOVE watching first graders attempt to open tape cases. I am just starting to do a DRA on my kiddos so that I can figure out what their just right level is. This is always a test because this is the first time I pull students to work with them and leave the others to their own devices. Hopefully they have gotten the hang of things enough to fumble through while I read with my students.  I use a system in my room where I wear a lei so the students know to "lay off". This seems to work okay. I also let the kids use the lei when they need a little space from their classmates.

I know I haven't updated my lesson plans and I promise to add the backlog of plans and the current plans. I will get on that this week. Thanks for checking in! Have a great day!!!

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